About EMG

EMG(Excelsior Medical Group) is a global brand in the aesthetic energy-based device industry, founded in 2010.

Headquarter is based in Bedford, United Kingdom.

EMG Global sales network related to all the directions of UK and North America ,Europe , Asia and more countries and areas.

For years , EMG has been focusing on non-invasive clinical solutions for both medical and aesthetic market.Core business is developing and commercializing innovative, non-invasive energybased devices, including Thermitone, Shapetone, Eye Timeless, Shiny Bubbles, Twinkle. All systems are versatile and offer multiple setting and treatment options for customized treatments.

Our Commitment

In accordance with ISO 13485 Quality management system, EMG produces every medical device.
  • First, Incoming quality control is required when raw materials is in the storage.​
  • Second, the requirements of production process is strict.
  • Finally, only after passing all strict inspection, like aging test can our medical devices be shipped to customers.

Strict Quality Control

Lower Malfunction

Safety and Effectiveness

Our Mission

Without any doubt, EMG is the most promising brand in medical and beauty industry. In addition to excellent technology, patient’s feeling is the most important to EMG. Therefore, while improving the effect and function of the appliances, the comfort level of patients in treatment must be taken into account. We use advanced technology and the most innovative solutions to the market, we aim to become the global leader company in medical and beauty industry.

Our Vision

Our commitment to Excelsior is what makes us distinctive. High Quality, paying attention to Details, advanced technology, Optimize Patients’ experience, All of these enable each product closer to perfection. As a beauty device provider, we believe that our products are worth your everlasting cooperation.


Phone: 0124 851195

Email: EMG@EMG-Ltd.uk

Fax: 01234 313162

We will never sell or share your personal data with third parties or use it for purposes outside responding to your enquiry.