Shiny Bubble

Takes care of skin in a comprehensive way.

Shiny Bubble is focused on skin deep clean and facial hydrating. Our team delicates to develop a perfect device which can take care all respects of the skin. In addition to clean the skin surface, Shiny Bubble can also deeply remove blackheads, acne and excess oil. The Bohr effect can increase the amount of oxygen in the skin. At the final step, it will induct nutrition to the skin.

Results for treatment

  •  Deep Cleaning and Exfoliation
  •  Increasing skin oxygen content
  •  Adsorption blackheads and shrink pores
  •  Whitening skin
  •  Skin nutrition and rejuvenation


  •  Professional hydra-platform
  •  Suitable for any skin type
  •  Safe and effective
  •  Convenient and comfortable


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